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Ropes, Hawsers and tails

  • PP, PE and mix material ropes

    In order to meet international shipping companies'needs, we supply a wide selection of ropes and hawsers with single or mixed fibers.

    Our ropes sizes range from 4 to 160 mm diameter with load capacity up to 5100 KN.

    Whatever might be your concern (durability, shock absorption, ease in use) we'll find the most compatible fiber mix for you.

    All our ropes are built to withstand the harsh environment and have excellent resistance to solvents, chemicals, abrasion and UV.

  • UHMWPE Ropes

    Many international shipping companies trust the latest technologies that ensure longer durability and better ease in use ; this is the case with hybrid fibers polyester/polypropylene or, more recently, with UHMWPE fiber. UHMPE is considered as the strongest fiber ever with an incredible resistance / weight ratio.

    Main benefits of UHMWPE fiber : lowest elongation, longer life and easy handling, superior abrasion resistance, non-kinking and non-rotative, easy to splice.

    Let us know your requirements, we provide the best quality from Korea.

  • Mooring tails

    Mooring tails are an essential part of the mooring system of a ship. Being highly solicited during the vessel operations, these rope must be able to withstand all the maneuvers and the ragging without failing.

    Not only the material used, but also the splicing and protections of the eyes are essential for a perfect mooring tail.We know about it, just ask us how we do it.

  • Wire ropes

  • Steel Wire Ropes

    We have an extended experience in wire ropes used in marine, offshore and industry for mooring, lifting and securing loads.

    Our factories also has enhanced expertise to manufacture cables with sophisticated constructions that allow up to 26 000 KN minimum breaking load.

    We are able to meet the specific requirements related to the exploitation of the deep oceans with ropes up to 4000 meters length.

  • Capacity Overview

    > Non rotating wire ropes.

    > Line contact wire ropes.

    > Point line contacted wire ropes.

    > Compacted wire ropes.

    > Triangular wire ropes.

    > Finishing: galvanised or ungalvanised.

    > Type and direction of lay: Right or left hand, Ordinary or lang´s lay.

    > Diameter: from 2mm to 200mm.

    > Minimum breaking load: up to 26,000 KN.

    > Length: up to 4,000m.

  • Fishcable©: the First Clean Wire Rope

    The high-quality Fishcable© wire ropes, non-toxic and safe to use, constitute a revolution in the maritime world.

    Manufactured without toxic substances, Fishcable© is the perfect mix of an effective and durable wire rope with our unique grease Woxone© formulated by sea professionals.

    VGP approved, H1 certified, compatible HACCP, the Fishcable© wire ropes can be used on deck, for your seine or in the factory to avoid polluting the sea, the seamen and the ship.